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Debt Collection

with integrity and grit

with results

Securing your money as quickly as possible

You’re busy and we love efficiency so recovering money owed to your business starts with a simple telephone call from you to us. We’re happy for you to email us but we believe that it’s important for you to speak to the person who will be recovering your unpaid invoice or overdue debt, and get to know us a little better. And we’d like to get to know you, so we can work together in a way that suits you. Getting to know your business is crucial to help us take an approach that will secure your money as quickly as possible. An insight into your customer or debtor is important too, for effective and efficient debt collection. It’s debt collection at its best, so let’s talk.

We’re no nonsense when it comes to getting the ball rolling, and when it comes to getting you paid what you’re owed.  So as soon as we have the relevant information we begin the contact with your customer or debtor (if they’ve moved on we can trace them for you).  From that moment we manage all communication with them – and we have a knack for negotiating! But you’re still in control. We give you advice on any decisions you may need to make but the final decision will always be yours.

Debt collection charges: No Recovery, No Fee

If you’re one of the very few whose debt we don’t recover at this stage, you won’t receive an invoice from us. Plus, we always do our best to recover legal costs, reasonable debt recovery charges and interest for you (as per The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998) when we do recover your debt.  

Our approach

Your money, your business and your reputation is in safe hands; our standards are high. Our communication with your customer or debtor will be professional and ethical, proactive and, yes…no nonsense. Be reassured: Many times our debtors are so impressed with how we pursued them for payment that they ask us to help them recover overdue invoices owed to them.  We only consider working with them once we have secured your payment of course!

We will keep you up to date with progress as formally or informally as you would like, as regularly as you would like and in a way which suits you.

Professional, proactive, no nonsense debt collection. With results.

86% of unpaid invoices are recovered without the need to issue legal proceedings

98% of our debt recovery clients are repeat clients

The majority of outstanding debts are recovered within 4 weeks of instruction


inhouse expertise & handpicked panel of solicitors, with industry knowledge

with results

In the event that legal proceedings need to be issued against your customer or debtor we’ve got it covered from every angle. With a powerful combination of our own legal experience along with a panel of handpicked solicitors with knowledge specific to your industry, you have the best team on your side.

From issuing the proceedings to securing County Court Judgment, we take the strain so you don’t have to. You will have two great minds working with you, giving you the benefit of their experience.

As with our core debt collection service, advice comes as standard, the service is anything but. And just like the service, the rates are preferential.

Whether we have secured Judgment against your debtor or whether you have been through the process yourself, our experience can help you enforce it.

There are many options and it can be confusing, but not when you’ve been working with enforcement for as long as we have.  We take the options and give you the benefit of our experience to help you select the right one depending on your debtor’s individual circumstances.  And then we get on with it…getting you paid as quickly as possible.  

Enforcement options

County Court Bailiff, High Court Enforcement Officer, issue a Statutory Demand or Winding Up Petition, apply for a Charging Order, Attachment of Earnings Order or Third Party Debt Orders?  It’s all part of our debt collection service.


with tenacity

with results

Your business is growing fast, invoices are flying out of the door…and all the while your cashflow is less than flowing. You’re not quite ready to take someone on to manage your credit control but you don’t have the time to do that and run the business. That’s why we’re here – to keep your cash flowing, help your business continue to flourish and give you peace of mind.


Put your credit control in our safe hands for a few hours a month or a few days a week, flexibility is a given – we’re here when you need us and take a step back when you don’t.


We don’t even need a seat, we work remotely so you can use your work space most effectively – on your core business. No distractions at the water cooler, no interruptions from colleagues and no chit-chat over elevenses means every minute is spent getting your invoices paid and helping to reduce the need for debt collection.


You can rely on us as an extension of your company – our standards are high; we are professional and proactive. And it’s as simple as 1-2-3 to get started.


It's your livelihood - we know and we understand, that's why when it comes to getting your invoices paid we put ourselves in your shoes...


Industry insight comes as standard, that's just one of the reasons we get the right results for you...


Cashflow is king...and we keep it that way.  Over 30 years we have fine tuned our approaches to save you the time, trial and error...recovering your overdue invoices quicker...


Meet John over 25 years of working with Insolvency Practitioners, he has recovered over £3m for them.  He has made their lives easier and can do the same for you...