Latin Verb [To Collect]

As one of the most successful debt recovery specialists in the midlands, Colligant’s first-rate reputation is built upon its quality of service and successful recoveries.

With over 30 years experience across the commercial sector in pre-legal and legal recoveries along with additional complementary services, Colligant has helped thousands of businesses remain financially successful.

In addition to a wealth of debt recovery expertise and skill relevant across the commercial sector, Colligant are sector specialists within the insolvency sector and construction sector bringing specialist knowledge, expertise and experience.

In simple terms, John’s team have become an integral part of my business. Not only does he offer credible, sensible and commercial advice on all aspects of debt recovery and credit management he will also give you the benefit of his experience and an opinion. He has a vast network of other professionals from the legal and insolvency world which he can plug you into directly, or act on your behalf in a consultancy capacity.

He has had immediate success with negotiating with troublesome debtors which were heading towards being written off and in many cases we have retained the debtor as a client.

Colligant also act for a number of my Accountancy clients who give them the best compliment of all, namely business referrals.

Philip Rumsby

Director, DK Rumsby & Co Limited Accountants & Auditors

I have worked with John for a number of years and have always found him to be pro-active, efficient and commercial. I would not hesitate to recommend John’s services to anyone looking for effective debt collection services.

Carl Mifflin

Partner, Howes Percival

John was recommended to me by a colleague and by talking to him, it was clear that not only was he confident in his abilities, but that he had the knowledge and experience to back it up.

Several weeks later, everything was sorted out and John has done more than ever asked of him.

John – thank you for making life as simple as we would all like it to be!

Gordon Hall

Managing Director, Flyover 18

John is enthusiatic, determined and hardworking. He has a very pragmatic approach and really looks after his clients. He is also very experienced.

Emma Tegerdine

Associate Solicitor, Cleggs Solicitors

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